About us

Ed Ferrari

Ed Ferrari, Director of the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University has undertaken work for a wide range of funders including central and local government, charities and research councils. He has worked on over 70 research projects, leading around 40 of these. He has led research studies into transport issues for ESRC, British Academy and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and has considered issues of strategic transport planning and policy within studies of housing markets, economic development and strategic planning. He is a spatial planner by training.

Stephen Parkes

Stephen Parkes, Research Fellow in the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research. He has extensive experience in undertaking research in the field of transport. His PhD studied the behaviour change potential of large disruptive events, adopting a case-study of the London 2012 Olympics and working in partnership with Transport for London. More recently, he has completed a review of Active Travel strategies as part of research for the Sheffield City Region. This included helping facilitate workshops with a range of stakeholders on the topic of active travel in the region.

Keith McKoy

Keith McKoy, Senior Lecturer in Transport Geography and Planning at Sheffield Hallam University. His expertise lies in communications geographies and how this relates to urban politics. His research has focused on the role of political communications strategies in transport policy making and critical mobilities.

Rebecca Powell

Rebecca Powell, Senior Transport Planner, Arup. Rebecca is a chartered transport planner with widespread experience in the UK and internationally. Her strengths are in strategy, communication and project management, supported by a sound technical and analytical understanding. She works across a range of topics including, future of mobility, energy and transport, urban mobility, sustainable modes & public spaces, multi-modal, integrated & people-oriented transport systems.

Marc Schlossberg

Marc Schlossberg, Professor in City and Regional Planning, brings to the team extensive experience in this field. This includes recent work titled ‘Rethinking Streets in an Era of Driverless Vehicles’. He has strong links to key stakeholders involved in active travel, transport planning, spatial development, and C/AVs especially in the US (which, as a world leader in C/AVs we intend to include within out more detailed case-study work).