Call for Evidence

A key stage in this Policy Expo is the Call for Evidence, which we are pleased to now launch. Through this call we invite submissions from a range of stakeholders to help provide evidence around this topic. The three specific questions the Call for Evidence seeks responses on include:

  1. How will the urban and built environment practically accommodate C/AVs? What problems might arise and will there be ‘winners and losers’ – if so, who and in what ways?
  2. How will different policy agendas – across geographic scales or policy domains – align or conflict as the urban environment begins to accommodate C/AVs? Will policies promoting or accommodating C/AVs help or hinder other urban agendas – including but not limited to active travel, zero carbon, health and wellbeing, social and economic inclusion, and liveability?
  3. What do best-practice policy solutions to these problems look like, and how can local and regional policy makers plan proactively? What will national policymakers and infrastructure providers need to do? And what must be resolved locally?

The full Call for Evidence document can be accessed here.

We are interested in hearing from all individuals, policymakers, private sector, government organisations, NGOs, or pressure groups who may have evidence relating to the areas of interest outlined below.

How to respond

Submissions may be submitted in either of the following ways:

  1. A short submission that provides brief responses to some or all of the areas of interest listed above and highlights evidence or supporting literature (preferably with links to where this evidence can be found). This can be submitted through this online form.
  2. A longer written submission of evidence that provides more detailed responses or analysis of the areas of interest. These written submissions can be structured however the contributor wishes but we expect these to be no longer than 10 pages, excluding references or supporting evidence. This type of submission can be submitted directly to Please include ‘RSA Policy Expo’ in the subject line.

The deadline for submissions to this Call for Evidence is 14 May 2021.
We will acknowledge all contributors and evidence received in the RSA Policy Book produce, unless you clearly mark in your submission that you would wish to remain anonymous.